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Water Reuse Gaining in Arid Regions

In many countries around the world, agriculture is by far the largest consumer of water. To meet this demand, while also protecting precious drinking water supplies, many governments are looking for new sources of water. In India’s Everything About Water magazine, Wayne Lem (our Market Manager) and Jennifer Muller (our VP Marketing) use the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works in Qatar as an example for how India, and other arid regions, can create a sustainable new water supply.

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Arizona Fights Water Challenges with Craft Beer

The Water Innovation Challenge Climate change, population growth and continued drought have all brought stress to water supplies in Arizona - as such, Arizona has been exploring different solutions to this water crisis from supplementing groundwater supplies to water...

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Children’s Water Education Festival in Orange County

The Children’s Water Education Festival is an annual event held to educate Orange County third, fourth and fifth grade students about local water issues and the environment. It’s presented by the Orange County Water District, Disneyland Resort, National Water Research...

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TrojanUV at WEFTEC 2016 – Water Reuse & UV Disinfection Video

In this video, Adam Festger (Trojan Technologies Drinking Water and ECT Market Manager), speaks with Water Online’s Bill King at Weftec 2016 about water reuse and why it continues to gain widespread support. He also discusses how UV plays a role in the treatment process and provides examples of some of the innovative water reuse projects in operation today.

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Answering Your Water Reuse Questions

Recently, Jennifer Muller (Trojan Technologies Vice President of Marketing), spoke with Water Online about how water reuse and UV can help water system managers protect workers and the public from chemical hazards, reduce costs and increase sustainability. Find the Q&As here.

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GWRS Produces 200 Billon Gallons of Water

As California faces a fifth year of record‐ breaking drought, the world’s largest water reuse project of its kind, the Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS), surpassed a major water production milestone when it hit the 200‐billion‐gallon mark.

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New Regs Aim to Make Water Recycling Easier

California officials this month adopted streamlined permitting for non-potable water recycling projects. By the end of this year, they’re expected to do the same for potable water recycling. Jennifer West of WaterReuse California explains what’s ahead.

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