Building Confidence in Water Reuse


Communities are addressing water shortages and augmenting their clean water supplies by treating wastewater to stringent standards. Trojan is here to help them do that with confidence. Over the past 25 years we’ve worked with hundreds of communities – large and small – that are now collectively recycling over 1.5 billion gallons of wastewater every day.

25 Years of Water Reuse Experience

Our involvement in water reuse began over 25 years ago.This is when research initiatives began to demonstrate the efficacy of using ultraviolet light for high-level disinfection and reuse.

The safety and environmental advantages of UV (relative to chlorine), were already well-known. However, further research was needed to demonstrate that UV was as effective as chlorine, if not more so – for high-level reuse. In addition, full-scale systems were installed to test and permit UV-oxidation for contaminant destruction enabling wastewater to be treated and recycled for potable uses.

Trojan is proud to have participated in those early studies and provide UV systems for the first municipalities to adopt UV.

Water Reuse Product Suite

Our UV disinfection and UV-oxidation systems treat a broad range of bacteria, viruses and contaminants enabling communities to provide clean, safe, recycled water for both potable and non-potable uses.

Potable Reuse

Our UV-oxidation systems are the final stage of a three-part advanced treatment process that treats wastewater to standards that exceed those for drinking water. Treated water is used to replenish groundwater or to augment drinking water reservoirs.



Non-potable Reuse

Our UV systems disinfect wastewater to very stringent limits – microorganisms are essentially non-detectable. The treated wastewater is then recycled and used for recreational and agricultural irrigation, or for industrial process water.




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